Matthew Sullivan

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Matthew O. Sullivan’s rural roots, traveled history, and love of a good story come together in a style that combines the smiling hard luck of bluegrass, toe tapping of the blues, and love of narrative popularized by the great folklorists of the last century.  A former carpenter in the desert southwest, Blue Ridge Mountains, Upstate NY, and rural Ohio; Matthew sings with deep appreciation of nature, hard working, and hard playing. He plays primary original material, while occasionally sharing his version of songs by Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, and John Hartford. Predominate in his songs are visions of love, loss, change and new beginnings.

Matthew has recorded lead vocals and mandolin with The Mid-State Wire-Lonesome Highway Revival listed by Robert Duffy of as one of the best 10 albums in Columbus, Ohio for 2006; as well as backing vocals and mandolin for Gruver Deluxe. He wrote the songs, sang and played guitar on The Tin Hearts two albums, The Tin Hearts & No Good Deed.

 He is currently recording and promoting his new project The Black River Gypsies in which he writes, sings, and plays electric guitar.  Matthew has had the honor of sharing the stage with national touring musicians such as: Eric Nassau, Megan Palmer, Elisa Nicolas, Winter/Sessions, The Low Lights, Bob’s Country bunker, Angela Perley and The Howlin Moons, Fox Valley Harvest, John Turck Trio and countless others. Matthew comes to  from Worthington, Ohio, by way of Knox County Ohio, where the rolling foothills of Ohio Appalachia meet the endless farmland of the great Midwest.